This is the cut-scene model of Dodger Stadium; I created in Maya for the MLB 2K series of video games. I was responsible for: taking the reference photos, modeling, UV work, color/normal map creation, lighting, optimizing, and integrating into the proprietary Take2 shading system (the crowd was modeled & animated by other artists). While the game-play stadium is loading, several cut-scenes play that mimic a television broadcast (using my façade as the set). Dodger Stadium doesn’t have a very flashy or modern façade (unlike a majority of other Baseball stadiums), so I chose the most visually interesting section fans congregate at. The large 30k poly model is the entrance located on the side of a hill, where 3 different levels connect through staircases and uneven asphalt (only 2 of the levels were modeled). The set needed to allow many different camera angles without obvious overlapping of scenery, which the different levels helped. The set contains 3 different types of ticket booths, Dodger Hat souvenir booth (including interior), 3D team logo, and stadium structure itself. The X-Play television review of MLB 2K8 featured my façade and stated “… Dodger Stadium has never looked more majestic …” I don’t think majestic was the proper adjective, but I’ll take the compliment.