This is the cut-scene model of Ameriquest Field in Arlington; I created in Maya for the MLB 2K series of video games. I was responsible for: collecting reference, modeling, UV work, color/normal map creation, lighting, optimizing, and integrating into the proprietary Take2 shading system (the crowd was modeled & animated by other artists). While the game-play stadium is loading, several cut-scenes play that mimic a television broadcast (using my façade as the set). Arlington’s stadium has a modern design that uses assorted brick arches supported by imposing green steel girders. Omitted from the model were the trees that line the sidewalks on the sides of the stadium. The polygon expensive trees were represented as props placed just in front of the cut-scene camera (if featured). A challenging area was the intricate metal gates the crowd enters through. I had to insure they were modeled very “cleanly” by welding all vertices so there weren’t any seems. The brick facade was created by tiling lower resolution brick color/normal map textures, combined with a “weathered” multiply map layered on top of it to break up the tiling.