This is the cut-scene model of RFK Memorial Stadium; I created in Maya for the MLB 2K series of video games. I was responsible for: collecting reference, modeling, UV work, color/normal map creation, lighting, optimizing, and integrating into the proprietary Take2 shading system (the crowd was modeled & animated by other artists).  While the game-play stadium is loading, several cut-scenes play that mimic a television broadcast (using my façade as the set). RFK is an older stadium, so the outside isn’t abundantly decorated with artwork (like Ameriquest Field). The stadium surfaces were created by tiling lower resolution concrete color/normal map textures, combined with a “weathered” multiply map layered on top of it to break up the tiling. To fill the large empty asphalt areas, I created 3D “crowd-steering” guard rails flowing to specific entrances. I dropped in trashcans and litter so that the space looked more realistic even though it was less factually accurate. Because of scheduling issues, the ticket taker and concession stand models were never created. Consequently, the two concession areas and the inside of the ticket booth were de-emphasized in cut-scenes. The glass near the second floor balcony was created with a shader that used a semi-transparent texture combined with a reflection & normal map. Without animating crowd you can’t really tell in the screenshot.